Broken in design, divine in creativity

Broken heart, Broken dreams, Touch the sky, Touch the kings, Moons and stars, Black Birds flying far.

Farther and Farther, Into the Nebula, Galaxies and Fantasies, Asteroid Temple Ballad Symphonies.

My soul yearns for more, To look above, to look bellow, To uncover every secret hidden so far.

Let us begin what we have missed.

Oh Humming Bug.

The sudden touch of humming, buzzing in my left ear, just before the sound of the furnace  kicking on as the Ringing begins to fill.

Breaking the silence of my mind, seeding the pain in my in my cranium, the nerves fire off like a Canada Day Fireworks Festival.

Owww, My ear Is all I can really say. Not much else to say. When your brain has been invaded by the Humming Bug.


First thoughts shall be off coffee, last thoughts shall be of, there better be coffee in the morning.